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About this blog

1. What is the objective of this blog?

To monitor, analyse and comment on media coverage of conflict, security and peace-making, with a special focus on gender-related issues.

2. For whom is it meant?

Media professionals, students, teachers and scholars, primarily, but also other academics, educators, activists and, indeed, any concerned citizen.

3. What sorts of posts would we like to see on the blog?

·        Posts that critically examine current examples of reportage/features/analysis/debates on conflict, security and peace , with a view to highlighting positive and negative aspects of coverage.
·        Posts that point to significant stories, commentary and discussions in the media on events and issues related to conflict, security and peace.
·        Posts about the experience of working as reporters/photographers/videographers in conflict settings or editors/producers handling coverage of conflicts and their aftermath, especially but not only about attempts to find alternative ways of telling stories of conflict, security and peace-building.

This blog is a project of Prajnya‘s Education for Peace Initiative.

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