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The Twitter War: Active, Passive or Benumbed Spectators?

November 19, 2012

In an interesting blogpost, Harini Calamur analyses the war on Twitter between Israeli and Palestinian groups, each one trying to harness the power of instant communication to press their point. She concludes:

“The idea on both sides is to convert the passive supporter into an active one — and allowing their narrative to dominate — but there is a danger to this. The social media animal is a fickle one. S/he is rather like a adrenalin junkie that surfs from wave (outrage) to wave (outrage) — finding the next big wave so as to speak. Apart from a few committed people who will stick to the cause, the larger public will move to the next breaking story soon. Also, how do you top live death or live bombings, in terms of excitement? Presenting their case directly to the people — sans filters — is a great idea, but how do you prevent acute boredom? One bomb is pretty much like another bomb — especially when it is not falling on you.”

Harini Calamur, [Guest Blog] The War: Brought to you Live, Tweet by Tweet, Tehelka Blogs, November 18, 2012,

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