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The ‘running dogs’ media syndrome

September 10, 2012

“Running dogs of the capitalist pigs!”  An old clichéd chairman Mao quote. But it perfectly defines  the kind of journalism Washington Post (WP) and other mainstream media (Indian and otherwise included) actually practice. The people of USA are in deep turmoil led there by the corporate government policies, but trust the WP to be  more worried that our Prime Minister is not jumping into the ‘reforms’  bandwagon to create a free market economy like theirs  instead of truthfully analysing the reasons why not.

The ‘running dogs’ media keep putting up a rosy picture of their worlds without deigning to realise that the internet revolution has unchained information (of any kind) from its corporate-government stranglehold. With explosive results. Now anyone who cares to know what’s really going on can easily find out.

One of most important facts that surfaces from there is that the mainstream media are not telling you the truth about whats happening in the country or the world by selective reporting or ignoring. They are actually hedging the truth and mis-informing people and WP is too for example . Or they are outright lying to further their own interests like WP for example, or to interests they refer to as ‘national’ interest which actually translates into ‘corporate and big business interests’.  The middle east, Americas, Africa has suffered from this general syndrome and there is no reason to believe that South Asia has not.

The US government’s global war mongering or arm-twisting machine works in close partnership with their mainstream media which is used to set the agenda and create an intellectual climate for certain action and the WP has been part of this we are told. By making him out to be a sad ‘tragic’ figure out of tune with the rough and tumble of politics,  there seems to be an attempt to set up the PM Singh. They first tried to needle him into doing something by calling him an ‘under-achiever’ in the Time magazine, next  this current WP report which was loaded with adjective-masala but no real meat about why the Indian PM could not take on reforms. Barely two months ago the president of the US B Obama had criticised the Prime Minister for not opening up the country for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) wildly picked by all the major media houses. Which was followed up by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) follow up demanding the same thing given wide coverage. But the other side of the issue, the why of why there is a large section of people in India who do not want these kind of reforms fails to be given equal attention. In fact it is played down. Or people who hold that view are labeled ‘Maoists’ or potential terrorists. The mainstream media wants the under-achiever prime minister to become an achiever by completing the process of becoming a US clone state. Singh cannot lay claim to his own wisdom for this. If anything he would have loved to go ahead but he was blocked from being an ‘achiever’  by the ‘99%’ in India on who’s backs the achievment is likely to be built. Unlike the politically illiterate 99% in the West especially the US, who have been kept in the dark about the source of their ‘modern, prosperity and power’ the rest of the world, particularly the ‘99%’ Indian,  has wised up to the source of this affluence, which is the loot and plunder economy.

When reports like the WPs on the PM appear, it is better to speculate why and where these running dog media assaults originates from, particularly when there is not a word about the double-barrel gun nature of his prime minister-ship, the handle of which he shares with the Indian National Congress (INC) supremo, Sonia Gandhi.

To many many Indians it is these very reforms which the mainstream media fully supports, that has raised inequality to sensational levels in the country. While a small percentage are benefited, the majority are thrown into ever growing poverty and hopelessness. Indian reform policies can be traced into the deep bowels of the corporate government of the most powerful country in the world (United States still is even though it is on the wane)  and implementation of these are threatening to wipe out communities and environments even as far into the remote mountain areas as the north eastern region of India. These policies have set off a primordial competition for individual ownership of natural resources including water, minerals and forests. For example, hungry companies and hungrier politicians and bureaucrats are all set to build more than 150 mega dams in the hilly Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh without balancing this ‘national need’ for hydel-power with the destruction they are about to wreak upon the unique micro-numbered tribes of the area, some of them with as less than a total population of 12,000; nor pausing to ponder over the fact that the area falls under a region earmarked as one 18 mega-diversity spots, vital for the survival of the human race and therefore requiring extremely delicate handling. Nor did the fact that it is also one of the 25 global bio-diversity hotspots or that the communities are largely against this, divert them from attempting to  ‘harness’  its rivers to create hydel power to run the engine of Indian industrial empire to make it into a world power. Land, water, plants, human DNA, everything is up for sale. Played up, played down or ignored public happenings and analysis’ have meaning in their larger strategy and reveal their agenda.

WP, said to be the second most important newspaper after New York Times in the US media world has been at the forefront of public deception so accuse the Americans themselves. See examples here and here and some older ones here. The paper has hardly made any attempts to find out the problems of their own people and their future . Their own citizens are crying hoarse against the take over of their freedoms by the corporate run government and their cronies. The current report on the Indian Prime Minister therefore cannot but be seen in the light of the ‘running dog’ media syndrome.    (Linda Chhakchhuak)

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