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The importance of being Hafiz Saeed

April 11, 2012

No sooner had the US government announced a bounty of 10 million $ on Jamaat ud Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed, there was a mushrooming of his profile in many papers. I saw one profile on the Daily Times website,  Pakistan as well. The sudden rash of  what read like a dossier on Saeed in the Indian papers too was a bit puzzling. Though I did learn a lot about this man- for instance that he was a Gujjar and harboured a deep hatred of Indians right from birth and would have certainly been killed as a baby had  his mother not crossed over to Pakistan. The Daily Times says 36 members of his family died in the Partition riots while they fled from Shimla to Lahore. No doubt those tragic circumstances shaped Saeed’s psyche despite his extensive education and teaching,  to become what he did.

It is quite laughable that the US has placed a reward for man who is publicly seen and heard  and  challenges the Pakistani government almost every minute. How did these long bios of Saeed help any? If he is the person behind the November 26/11 blasts in Mumbai, as some of collected evidence seem to point out,  then it is about time that he was proceeded against criminally. Even the BBC called him Pakistan’s ten million $ bounty man much in the manner of the  Wild west stories where putting a bounty on some gunfighter was common. Hafiz is no ordinary gunfighter and the bounty, well the US announced it knowing quite well it may not have to ever cough up that money!

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